Posted on: November 26, 2019

Whistlebrook would like to thank all those who attended the November 2019 WIRES® User Group meeting, and Hinckley & Rugby Building Society for hosting the conference.

We have received very positive feedback, with all attendees benefitting from the opportunity to share regulatory knowledge as well as ideas for product enhancement.

Whistlebrook presented its understanding of the forthcoming regulatory changes that will impact reporting. The presentation sought to ensure that Whistlebrook’s interpretation matched that of the attendees.

The contents included:

  • New reporting of mortgages in MLA G1, PSD001 and PSD007
  • Prudential Backstop for non-performing exposures
  • Tier 1 capital as a replacement of Eligible in defining large exposures and related limits
  • Capital Requirements Regulation CRR2

The contents of the next two planned releases of Wires were also presented. Release 5.6 will contain the changes being introduced by EBA Taxonomy 2.9.1. This taxonomy includes revised layouts of liquidity coverage, ALMM and COREP forms as required by the EBA. Alterations being made by the regulator to the severity of validation rules will also be incorporated.

Release 5.7 will include FINREP under the aforementioned taxonomy.

To make it easier for customers to attend, it is the intention to alternate future WIRES® User Group meetings between London and the Midlands.

For more information on the WIRES® user group meeting or to request minutes, please get in touch with your account manager or contact