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Whistlebrook’s SCV solution allows you to quickly and accurately generate an SCV file for the FSCS


The FSCS SCV product has been designed specifically for organisations in the financial services sector who are not able to generate SCV, AEOI (FATCA & CRS) or BBSI for the FSCS directly from their core banking platform. At the click of a button, FSCS SCV is capable of automatically validating and importing the required data for the production of these reports ensuring that our customers can quickly and accurately produce taxation reports for HMRC as well as guaranteeing compliance with the FSCS requirement to report in 24 hours.

  • Ensured compliance with the FSCS requirement to produce an SCV report, on demand and within 24 hours.
  • A fully automated process to generate:

– SCV files for the FSCS

– AEOI files for HMRC

  • User can configure reportable AEOI jurisdictions for each reporting year.
  • User can maintain specific account and customer exclusions or exclusions by account and customer attributes.
  • A proven solution, deployed in a wide range of financial services businesses.
  • Monitoring of reporting requirements from HMRC & FSCS to ensure our application is up to date.
  • UK based support desk
  • Generation of SCV, AEOI and BBSI files in the correct format for submission
  • Hierarchical security to allow for a segregation of duties
  • Exclusion reports to show disputed, dormant, sanctioned, gone-away and beneficiary accounts.
  • Full audit trail
  • Data validation checking

If an organisation is unable to generate FSCS or AEOI reports direct from their core banking system, the only other viable option is to use a dedicated system to automate the process. The manual production of SCV, AEOI and BBSI files is unlikely to be achievable in the required timescales and is open to the risk of human error. Our customers use FSCS SCV to automate this process ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance.