Financial Planning

A complete forecasting system designed specifically for financial institutions


WFP® has been designed specifically as a planning and modelling tool for the financial services sector, setting it apart from other general purpose financial planning systems.
Using the Whistlebrook integrated database, WFP® enables users to plan product launches, redemptions, business as usual, overheads, payroll, fixed assets, as well as ensuring that the regulatory liquidity ratio and value of cash deposits requirements are met.

WFP® allows users to produce forecast monthly income statements and balance sheets for up to 5 years for multiple scenarios

  • Improved forecasting accuracy
  • Removes the need for complicated and cumbersome spreadsheets
  • Less reliance on IT resource through ‘self-service’ analysis and reporting
  • A better insight into the business and its future financial position
  • Scalable for organisations of all sizes
  • Maintain and report capital and liquidity positions
  • Model an unlimited number of plans
  • Plan future overheads
  • Model individual components of your Net Interest Income
  • Produce multiple scenarios and stress tests
  • Payroll planning
  • Overhead planning
  • Workflow capabilities to allow cost centre managers to enter their budgets and submit them for approval

As well as using WFP® for long term business planning, our customers also use the application as a key component of their liquidity management. Furthermore, the ability to run a variety of plans under multiple scenarios enables institutions to derive the information they require to complete their ICAAP.


“WFP provides us with the ability to create complex, accurate and detailed plans and stress tests for our business. Furthermore, when new functionality has been required, Whistlebrook has worked with us to extend the system.” Jonathan Ayres, Chief Financial Officer
United Trust Bank

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