For over 25 years, Whistlebrook has supported the growth of our financial services clients by providing data-driven software solutions to efficiently manage their regulatory, forecasting and accounting disclosure requirements.
Whistlebrook Corporate Overview

Since our inception in 1997, we have been providing software product solutions to the financial services industry. We believe that software innovators make a bigger difference for their customers when they collaborate. We operate in partnership with our clients to innovate our growing software product portfolio and each product's strategic road map is designed proactively with our customers’ needs in mind.

Our sole ambition is to enable financial services businesses to focus on their customer engagement whilst all of their regulatory reporting, financial accounting & forecasting and financial risk management needs are met by an integrated suite of products. Our product portfolio orchestrates the data from their core systems of record and customer engagement platforms into a consistent whole.

There are many large, and small, competitors to Whistlebrook but none have created as comprehensive a suite of products to provide the financial services industry with a consistent holistic view of their organisation regardless of whether they are considering the organisations financial & risk position in the past, today or into the future.

Tailor-made for UK Finance Organisations

Whistlebrook software products are specifically built for UK financial services. With dedicated team of experts based at our head office in Hertfordshire and our development centre in Cambridgeshire.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is at the core of why we exist.

Helping the banking and finance industry to see the big picture with data-driven insight.

Our Values

These are our fundamental reasons for being and our moral compass that guides our decision making.


We use our expertise to continuously innovate our product portfolio operations to ensure superior results for our clients so they can focus on meeting the evolving needs of their customers.


We act responsibly, honestly and with authenticity.


We continually deliver exceptional results precisely because we prioritise collaboration with our clients.

Client-Focused Service

We set ourselves high standards, striving to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our culture and people

We consider our culture and ownership model to be a foundation of our creativity and longevity. The majority of the Whistlebrook team have been with the business for over a decade and the newer team members can pursue their personal growth across the breadth of the business’s activities. The three significant shareholders in the business are committed to the businesses continued independence and over the last three years a significant minority share of the ownership of the business has been transferred to the broader Whistlebrook team.

How we run our business

We take pride in creating a fully inclusive working environment for all our colleagues. Flexible working options are available and we invest in supporting the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of our employees. Dedicated to promoting a culture that celebrates achievement and rewards innovative thinking.

Our climate strategy

Whistlebrook is committed to operating as a responsible and sustainable business. Over the last decade we've been working to reduce our own environmental footprint, supporting social well-being, and uphold ethical principles in our operations. Taking an end-to-end sustainability approach, we are prioritising the procurement of sustainable and eco-friendly products and services, minimising waste generation and promoting recycling and responsible waste disposal practices. Beyond reducing our own footprint, we consider environmental impact as a key factor in supplier selection and contracts. In addition, we actively engage with our communities, supporting local initiatives and charities.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy outlines our commitment to sustainability and serves as a guide for our employees, stakeholders, and partners.

Leadership Team
Steve founded Whistlebrook in 1997, and has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, focusing on application software development. As well as his role as Chairman, Steve oversees the direction and development of Whistlebrook’s products.
Prior to Whistlebrook, Steve was the Managing Director and Technical Director of a very successful IT company that supplied application software to the financial services industry. 
David joined Whistlebrook in 2017 as CEO, with responsibility of developing Whistlebrook’s industry partnerships, broadening and deepening their market penetration and progressing with back office product investment.
David brings with him over 25 years hands on experience of the financial services software industry and a wealth of experience in CEO and Managing Director roles.
Andy is a very experienced IT professional with over 25 years in the industry. Having joined Whistlebrook not long after it started in 1999, Andy has played a key part in the phenomenal growth and success achieved.
His primary responsibility is to ensure continued sales growth both for new and existing customers, operational planning and leading sales teams to achieve all business objectives and sales targets.
Financial Controller
Natalie Culhane
Natalie is the Financial Controller and Company Secretary at Whistlebrook and brings over a decade of senior accounting experience to the role. She oversees all aspects of the finance function as well as responsibility for the human resources and administration teams. She combines deep knowledge of the company with a strong understanding of Whistlebrook’s key performance drivers.
Jill started her career as a graduate trainee accountant at Ernst & Young and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for over 30 years.
Head of Regulatory Reporting
Gordon McMaster
Gordon joined Whistlebrook in 2014. He has responsibility for developing Whistlebrook’s knowledge of regulation within the Financial Services sector and ensuring that the company’s WIRES product is aligned with the industry’s latest regulatory requirements. He is SME for Whistlebrook’s hedge accounting solution and has been responsible for implementation of the organisation’s ISO27001 information security management system.
Gordon is a Chartered Management Accountant. During his career, he gained also the Associate qualifications of the Chartered Banker Institute and the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He has 18 years’ experience in the Financial Services sector.

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