Hedge Accounting

Test the effectiveness of your hedges, apply the defined accounting treatment and create general ledger journals with Whistlebrook’s Hedge Accounting system.


The Whistlebrook Hedge Accounting product (WHA®) provides users with a tool to perform prospective and retrospective assessments as required by IAS39 for dynamic fair value macro hedging.

For the aforementioned hedging, users can derive relationships according to user preferences, to optimise expected hedge effectiveness and then generate the necessary hedge accounting entries for posting in the general ledger.

  • An easy to use system that identifies relationships expected to optimise hedge effectiveness
  • Assessments that justify application of hedge accounting
  • The system helps to reduce volatility in the P&L
  • WHA® efficiently demonstrates the presence of an economic relationship between hedge instruments and hedged items
  • Complex calculations required to prove that hedge accounting criteria under the relevant accounting standards are satisfied
  • Written in the latest Microsoft technology
  • Detailed reports that provide results of the assessments required to demonstrate effectiveness
  • Reports with full data drill down to a granular level
  • Automatic production of accounting entries
  • Audit trail

Our customers use WHA® to successfully apply the rules of hedge accounting and thereby assist in reducing volatility in Profit or Loss, linked to fair value movements. The ‘user friendliness’ of the system makes a complex accounting problem a more straightforward task, through options for deriving hedge relationships in fair value macro hedging, as well as granularity of data in a highly complex area. The detailed reporting available from the system ensures that the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the automatically generated journals are easy to understand.