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C. Hoare & Co. "ALFI® was a lower cost solution than other vendors we considered in the project analysis phase, and it fitted well with our business model, system architecture and time schedule."
Richard Mumford, IT Project Manager, C. Hoare & Co.
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society “The ability to accurately model different interest rate scenarios and economic assumptions enables us to manage our business accordingly and make decisions to alleviate any potential issues.”
Liz Robertson, Financial Planning Accountant, Norwich and Peterborough Building Society
Skipton Building Society "Whistlebrook clearly understands the needs of our business and are able to deliver what is wanted."
Simon Hindle, Management Information Manager, Skipton Building Society
Skipton Building Society "We've been able to automate a whole week's effort down to more or less opening a dashboard."
Simon Hindle, Management Information Manager, Skipton Building Society
C. Hoare & Co. "If changes were needed, Whistlebrook was very responsive to suggestions for enhancements and adjustments, and provided sensible flexibility."
Richard Mumford, IT Project Manager, C. Hoare & Co.
C. Hoare & Co. "Working with Whistlebrook, we interpreted the FSA requirements...and they developed a flexible, easy to use system that runs the test scenarios and demonstrates how the bank would respond to them."
Richard Mumford, IT Project Manager, C. Hoare & Co.
Skipton Building Society "We've got much better accessibility to data. We've got drill-down functionality and integration with other applications..."
Joanne Holgate, Business Information Manager, Skipton Building Society
United Trust Bank "The Alfi Data Warehouse will allow us to manage our internal and regulatory reporting requirements in an efficient and flexible manner. It is important that UTB remains up to date in core technology as we grow our business and continue to offer the highest levels of customer service and meet our regulatory requirements."
Shane Bannerton, Head of Finance, United Trust Bank
C Hoare & Co The challenges presented by the introduction of COREP and FINREP have caused C. Hoare & Co. to consider how new and on-going regulatory reporting might be best met. The bank has used Whistlebrook’s ALFI data warehouse since the introduction of liquidity reporting in 2010 and has worked with Whistlebrook since that date to enhance and extend ALFI. It now provides a single source for the majority of the bank’s regulatory reporting across its banking and investment management business areas.
Richard Mumford, IT Project MAnager, C Hoare & Co

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

2016 has been a strong year for Whistlebrook, with the business expanding its market share as a provider of specialist back office solutions to financial institutions.

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