Posted on: June 24, 2020

An innovative technology company based in Hertfordshire is set to support the “growth aspirations” of a leading Challenger Bank.

Whistlebrook, located in Tring, has been signed up to provide financial software packages to bolster Redwood Bank’s dynamic infrastructure.

The Bank, which launched in 2017, has already adopted Whistlebrook’s treasury management and regulatory reporting products.

It now plans to invest in Whistlebrook’s taxation reporting service, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) single customer view and business planning software, in a bid to streamline the business and reinforce its award-winning services.

CEO and Co-Founder of Redwood Bank, Gary Wilkinson, said: “We have an appetite to both develop our business and to enhance our systems and processes further, and Whistlebrook seemed like the ideal company to work with, because the foundations of both our businesses is built around a strong customer service commitment.

“I think the financial landscape has changed considerably and the increasing demands within the industry mean we need to fulfil increasing regulatory obligations on a regular basis. Organisations are being required to report with increased frequency and accuracy. It is no longer practical to have systems in operational silos, which produce outputs based upon different data sets.”

“We see our future sitting within an integrated database, which is at the heart of the Whistlebrook ecosystem. At Redwood, we believe it’s vital to work with a single trusted source of the truth, so we can meet our developing regulatory, reporting, and decision making requirements.”

Both organisations are currently working in close collaboration to further develop Whistlebrook’s Asset and Liability Management product.

Whistlebrook’s CEO David Webber, said: “Whistlebrook and Redwood Bank have developed a deep working relationship built on joint trust and respect.”

“Whistlebrook has been providing software to the Banking and Building Society sectors for more than 20 years and we bring our wide industry knowledge and Microsoft expertise to help to maintain a platform that fully meets the current and future needs of lending and savings organisations.”

“The financial services marketplace is constantly evolving, and it is only with close collaboration that an independent software vendor and sector market leader can ensure that Redwood has the right solutions in place to support the swift changes in the market.”

Whistlebrook has specialised in providing innovative, back office, software systems to the financial services sector since 1997. In that time, the company has become a

long-established and trusted supplier to organisations within the finance industry.

The company has built up a very successful portfolio of software applications that can be installed on their own, or as an integrated suite of two or more applications that can deliver extra benefits by sharing information.

Their customers range from investment management firms, through banks of varying size, to two of the three largest building societies.

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