Posted on: September 3, 2018

Bank of England Buy to Let Lending (Corporate Exposures)

Phase three (the addition of corporate exposures) of this data collection is effective for the quarter ended 28 September. Data are to be submitted together with retail exposures already being reported, within twenty working days of the quarter end. It is understood that for corporate buy to let, loans made in the quarter must be at least five in number and exceed £10million in principal.

Countercyclical Capital Buffer

The increase in the buffer rate (as a percentage of total risk weighted exposures) to 1% will be effective from 28 November 2018.


Template PRA 111 is being introduced from October and firms with assets greater than £5bn should include it in their ICAAP. The template records base and stress testing data e.g. macroeconomic information such as GDP and unemployment, as well as Profit or Loss and losses.

Taxonomy 2.8.1

On 9 August, the EBA issued an update to taxonomy 2.8 ( All the changes will be included in the next Wires release. The taxonomy is effective from report reference date 31 December 2018. For firms with a financial year that does not coincide with the calendar one, the date may differ for FINREP.