Posted on: January 29, 2021

Automating the ALCO pack

The monthly production of ALCO reports is often a labour-intensive process, involving multiple highly skilled individuals with significant overhead expended on the collation and orchestration of vast amounts of data from many disparate data sources. The amount of time afforded to the crucial analysis of, and commentary on, those data is consequently reduced.

The Asset-Liability Committee is arguably more critical than any other governance committee to the long-term financial health and strategic decision making of the organisation. The effectiveness of that committee relies on the quality of the insight contained in the ALCO pack and so any process which risks compromising, the quality of that insight should be reviewed.

Whistlebrook carried out such a review under consultation with several of their customers, which influenced the design of their new ALM system (WALM®). As part of that review, the following were recognised as core design principles:

  • Reducing hands-on time for data collation and tabulation
  • Orchestrating data from multiple data sources
  • Eliminating the risk associated with spreadsheets
  • The importance of data consistency
  • Systemic management of the ALCO pack generation process

It is only through addressing these issues that insight can be drawn from a comprehensive forward and past looking assessment of the firm that demands of the regulators, non-executives and other stake holders will be met.

Whistlebrook’s technology solution offers the opportunity to streamline the ALCO pack generation process through automation using a Single Trusted Source of Truth® which is not reliant on an analyst’s expertise.

If you would like to learn more about how Whistlebrook helps organisations meet the data automation challenge for both ALM and ALCO pack production, please contact us at [email protected]