Posted on: October 28, 2020

Whistlebrook, a leading provider of back office software to the Financial Services sector, has partnered with Sytech Solutions to deliver data integration services.

Whistlebrook provides a suite of finance applications specifically for the financial services sector, and has in excess of 150 individual product deployments across its client base.  Through the use of the central Whistlebrook ALFI® Data Warehouse, all our products work from the same dataset and will integrate with each other to share data and provide a ‘Trusted Single Source of Truth’. This means that regardless of whether you are using a single Whistlebrook product or many, you can be confident that the entire finance team are working from the same consistent source of information.

In order to provide the ALFI Trusted Single Source of Truth®, a data feed of loans, savings, treasury and general ledger data is required. Orchestrating this data from multiple sources can be a challenge. It requires the valuable time of the IT department, an in depth knowledge of the source systems and an understanding of the Whistlebrook ETL (extract-transform-load) process.

Whistlebrook clients can, and often do, complete this work themselves but if either resource or time are in short supply Whistlebrook has partnered with Sytech Solutions to address the challenge.

Founded in 2009, Sytech Solutions is a financial information systems and reporting consultancy that has been integral in delivering analysis and reporting solutions for banks and building societies throughout the United Kingdom.

Through ETL middleware, Sytech Solutions bridges the gap between source data and financial reporting objectives. With an in-depth understanding of both source data extraction challenges and the Whistlebrook data requirements, Sytech Solutions provides a way forward for customers who either do not wish to write their own extracts or do not have the resource to do so.

Andy Hudders (Whistlebrook Company Director) said “Whistlebrook has worked very successfully with Sytech Solutions for the last two years. In that time Sytech’s knowledge of Whistlebrook systems’ data requirements, and their technical ability, have proved to be of significant benefit to our clients.”

Gareth Faull (Sytech Solutions Founding Partner) said “I am very pleased to be working with Whistlebrook and its clients. Whistlebrook has an outstanding integrated range of finance applications, and Sytech has the skills and experience to extract the required data. Together we can really help our mutual clients to maximise the benefits that they can gain.”

For more information on Sytech Solutions please see the data sheet here or please visit their website here.