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Posted on: December 14, 2023

Following close work with a partner institution, and discussions with WBEIR (Whistlebrook’s Effective Interest Rates product) users it feels like a great opportunity to highlight a recent major enhancement within WBEIR – Prepayments Behavioural Curve Management tool.

The tool allows for a comparison between Input Behavioural Curves vs Actual Movements with built in graphical displays. Building on this it is possible to add straight line and weighted averages over the graphs to assist in determining the accuracy of the curve.

Where appropriate it is possible to tweak and review the curves further, before promoting into WBEIR for use in future months.

Along with the existing scenario analysis this can be a very powerful tool for analysing how curves might need to change, and how those curve changes will affect the results that you see from within the WBEIR system.

A wonderful piece of customer driven development added to the system – it never hurts to share your ideas on how we might be able to further enhance software to make your lives easier!

For further information please reach out to the Customer Services Support team at Whistlebrook who will be able to help.

Product support:
+44 (0) 1480 309567

by Joe Beker
Customer Services Director at Whistlebrook