Posted on: June 5, 2018

Taxonomy 2.8

The EBA announced that taxonomy 2.8 will be effective from report reference date 31st December 2018. Whistlebrook understands that taxonomy 2.8 contains the following requirements.

Prudent Valuation

New templates C 32.01 to C 32.04 are being introduced as part of COREP.

Resolution Information

Firms will be required to submit only the “Z templates” as indicated in the EBA release notes (screenshot below). It is understood that the data point model need not be applicable to submissions by firms to the resolution authority (please see the draft guidelines on Information for Resolution Plans 31 March 2018 paragraph 2.2.1, page 30).


Validation Rule Changes

Various amendments to the following forms

A Enc C 32.04
COREP C 02.00
COREP C 03.00
COREP C 06.02
COREP C 09.01
COREP C 14.00
COREP C 18.00
COREP C 21.00
COREP C 22.00
COREP C 23.00
COREP C 33.00


Further details are in the link issued with the taxonomy 2.8 –

Payment Services Returns

New forms have been issued and are relevant to firms that provide payment services.

The following templates are effective from December 2018:

  • Complaints return (PS-Complaints – Electronic Money and Payment Services Complaints Return) from 1 December 2018
  • REP017 (Payments Services Fraud Report) from 31 December 2018