Posted on: July 31, 2019

July 2019 has been an exciting month at Whistlebrook. It has not just seen new customers for Financial Planning (WFP®), Regulatory Reporting (WIRES®), Taxation Reporting (TIRIS®), Treasury Management (WTMS®) and Effective Interest Rates (WBEIR®), it has also been the month that saw the 8.07 release of WBEIR®, WFP® and WTMS® 3.0.

The new release of WTMS® brings with it new functionality, which includes FX capabilities such as ‘Cross Currency and FX Swaps’ as well as support for compounding SONIA interest. These additions alone have moved WTMS® on a great deal, with more planned for future releases. We are now in the process of upgrading our existing customers to the latest version.

The 8.07 release of Financial Planning is also of particular note. It sees the introduction of new functionality that dramatically improves the user experience, including better integration with Microsoft Excel but also a brand new modern look and feel to the application. Many of our WFP® customers are already in the process of implementing the new version and we expect to see the first customers live by the end of August.