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Cost and Profitability Manager

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CPM is a software product, supported by a range of services, designed to identify the disproportionate consumption of an organisation’s resources by services, processes, channels, products or customers. It is this capability which underpins all business transformation and process optimisation methodologies.

Why is it needed?

All large, complex organisations strive to improve their business performance on a daily basis. However, the problem is their inherent inability to identify the disproportionate consumption of both human and financial resource, by key elements within the business. All of these elements will consume resource, regardless of cost, in pursuit of the objectives for which they are held accountable, if no one knows they are doing it. All companies can therefore benefit directly, and immediately, by introducing the methods and disciplines necessary to address this issue.

This is a key capability which can be applied with immediate effect to any, or all, of the following “Business Challenges”:

  • Business Transformation at either enterprise or departmental level, pursuing both incremental and radical reform.
  • Cost structure analysis, with the objective of making meaningful internal and external comparisons.
  • Product costing.  Understanding the true extent to which individual products consume company resources.
  • Channel management.  Understanding the true effectiveness and productivity of both competing and complimentary channels to market.
  • Customer profitability and lifetime value.  Understanding the specific behaviours of individual customers and managing the financial outcomes.
  • Cost to serve.  Understanding the true cost and effectiveness of support infrastructure, for the purpose of internal and external comparison (outsourcing).
  • Costing and charging.   Understanding the true extent of the resources consumed by internal profit centres or external partnerships, for the purpose of reducing costs, or directing behaviour.

How do we do it?

Our key skill is the ability to take the milk out of the coffee. The method and discipline of our approach enables us to identify and eliminate the disproportionate consumption of resource, wherever it might occur.

We are then in a position to encourage those characteristics that lead to good outcomes, and suppress those that lead to unfavourable consequences. This applies both at the strategic level (Business Transformation) and the operational level (Customer Profitability). It is perhaps worth observing that currently few companies either have this capability, or recognise the need for it.

Product and Services

The core function of CPM is delivered by means of a software package capable of capturing and analysing the data required to support all cost reduction and profitability improvement projects. The package also provides the means by which to manipulate, express and distribute the information and business insight resulting from these analyses.

The design objective of the software is to deliver the required function at the lowest cost of both acquisition and ownership. This is achieved by means of readily available Microsoft technologies, products, support infrastructure and business skills.

CPM also provides customers with the freedom to provide any, or all, of the required business skills and support services either in-house, or outsourced, as driven by specific requirements and circumstances.

  • Domain expertise and modelling experience
  • Business requirement definition
  • Project definition and management
  • Hosting and technical support
  • Data capture
  • Data management
  • Education and help function

CPM is “Cloud” enabled and can be delivered as a service (SAAS).

All delivery options are therefore available

Getting started

Rapid prototyping is a highly effective means by which to gain early experience of the CPM approach.  Using CPM’s Cloud capability, and Tringford’s prototyping methodology, it is possible to gain valuable experience by means of a meaningful pilot project.

Thus, it is possible to demonstrate the value of the CPM approach in a relevant context, without the need to invest in either product or support infrastructure.



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If you would like to find out more about how our skilled practitioners together with our new Cost and Profitability Manager tool can turn around your business around, visit the Tringford website, call us on 01480 309587 or email and one of our team will be happy to help.

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